10 Ways To Feng Shui In Your Bedroom To Introduce Positive Energy For A Healthy Sleep

You don’t really need to invest in expensive curious to introduce Feng Shui into your home. Feng shui can also mean the simple rearranging of your home and furniture in harmony with natural forces to induce positive vibes in your home. Imbalances cause negative energy. Feng Shui has its essence in the philosophy of the yin and yang so that there is a perfect balance of harmony in the universe. The same could be said of your home.

According to Feng shui, your bedroom is a place of tranquility and you should feel as if it gives you a warm hug each time you walk into it. It is a place where you sleep and rejuvenate yourself. Sleeping should be in an area full of positive chi or good energy. If you do believe in the spiritual and cosmic side of nature and how it could impact your daily life and your home, then follow these guidelines on how to Feng shui your bedroom.

1.   Bring life into your room
To bring life into your room is to bring energy into it. Buy a low-maintenance and space-conscious pet like a goldfish or hermit crab to keep you company and make your room feel less empty.

If you’re not feeling pet-ownership, fill your room with plant life such as potted flowers or a miniature cactus. Tchi cautions, however, that dead plants are a source of great negative energy, so if you forget to water your plant for a few days, don’t let its wilting corpse sit around on your desk.

An easy place to start is with a Chia pet! Get creative and sculpt Obama a new afro! Nothing says positive energy like the Chia incarnation of a man whose personal motto is “Yes we can.”

2. Sleep on a thick supported mattress

Always purchase a new mattress because used ones may not harbor good energy. A supportive mattress will fill you with positive energy. Sleeping on the correct sort of mattress is also good for your back.

3. Open your windows
The flow of positive energy through your space is essential to a nourishing environment, explains Tchi. Opening your windows just once a day, (even when it’s cold!) promotes airflow and rids your room of stale air.

Apartments in Montreal often date back to pre-war years when construction concerns like ventilation were not written into building regulations. Open your windows, let in the non-recycled air, and breathe in the chi.

3. Do not place more than one mirror in your bedroom

The concept of Feng shui discourages the use of mirrors in your bedroom. At the most, you should have one mirror only. It should also never be placed at any location where your body is visible in the mirror because this will reflect and increase energy which may disturb your sleep.

4.   Keep electronics to a minimum
Sometimes it feels like Mission Impossible 5 to live a luddite life in university. If you’re anything like me, your laptop, phone, iPod, and digital alarm clock, and chargers for all the aforementioned gadgets are within constant reach, littered around the myriad surfaces of your room.

Surrounding yourself with technology at all times, however, will only make you feel like part of the machine. Strive for a natural environment in your bedroom and put your electronics away when you’re not using them. This will promote the flow of pure energy within your space, undisrupted by the flashing lights and incessant beeping of too much tech. Even 50 Cent said, “Ayo, I’m tired of using technology.”

Listen to Fiddy.

5. Do not sleep against a window

Your bed should be placed against a good solid wall that holds the positive energy around you. Sleeping against a window weakens the chi as there is no support and neither do you have any symbol of protection.

6. Decorate your walls with inspiring images
Choose images that reflect your goals to place around your room. When you’re constantly surrounded by visuals of what you seek for yourself—a destination you want to visit, a graduate school you want to attend—you continuously receive subconscious reinforcement of your desires.

Jon Sandifer, author of Feng Shui for Life, advises placing something inspiring near your bed so it will be the last thing you see before sleep and the first thing upon waking. Practicing this promotes positive visual energy within your room, and helps your goals feel more attainable.

7. Introduce soft lighting in your bedroom

When you Feng Shui your bedroom, lighting is important as it also helps adjust the positive flow of energy while you sleep. Warm lighting is appropriate for Fen Shui for manifesting positive energy. Either install a dimmer on your lighting system or use candles or night lamps with a soft glow.

8.   Keep all bedroom doors closed when you sleep
According to feng shui principle, leaving your bedroom door open when you sleep allows positive chi to flow out, and opens up your space to negative energy. Sleeping with the door shut promotes feelings of safety and security, bringing you calm and peace of mind.

Likewise, Sandifer advises closing all closet doors, as well as desk and dresser drawers, which, if left open, can trap positive energy.

9. Your bedroom ceiling should never have protruding beams

When you purchase or rent a home, always ensure the ceiling is flat and it does not have protruding beams which are common to older homes. A protruding beam is a threatening force with the potential to do damage and is always a vessel of negative energy.

10.   Keep it clean!
A tidy space is a happy space. When your room is cluttered, your mind is cluttered and it can make it incredibly difficult to focus.

Make use of the rules you picked up in nursery school and put things away after you’re done with them. When things are out of place, they obstruct the flow of good energy around you and within your room.

Keep it clean and preserve the chi!

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